Welcome to PAAS Database

Amino acid substitutions are single residue changes leading to sequence variants of the corresponding encoded protein. Most variants in plants are from natural point mutation, EMS mutagenesis, non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms (nsSNPs) and in vitro mutation [1]. These variants maybe neutral (e.g. with little or no appreciable effect), harmless or valuable. Understanding the exact relationship between protein variants and phenotype characteristic is important for both planning targeted mutation experiments in the laboratory and for analyzing naturally occurring mutations found in plants. Systematic observation of mutational phenotype is an important technique for elucidating gene/protein functions [2]. Here, PAAS is developed with more emphases on phenomics associating with protein properties and residues contribution.

PAAS database is implemented in PHP + MySQL + JavaScript, and will be regularly updated as novel protein variants are reported as well as known databases' new version released [3, 4]. Currently, PAAS contains 4353 single amino acid substitutions scattered throughout 1183 proteins from 111 organisms.